Happy Release day to FIONA COLE! <3

THIS FREAKING BOOK!!! I just can't. Cannot deal, will never deal, absolutely enthralled. I was suggested this book by a really amazing and dear friend of mine, "you should seriously sign up for this, this was a top read for me." So I did....and I was blown away. I will admit I wasn't sure it... Continue Reading →

Truth Talk: Goals

Today, I had to face some truths. If I'm being honest these truths have been staring me in the face for the last...five years. They have only really gotten giant and inescapable in the past year but the time is now, they refuse to be ignored any longer. They come in the form of anxiety, fear... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Author Abuse

Just starting to write my thoughts about this topic down makes me a little ragey. It might not be something that everyone knows about, or anyone even thinks about in relation to the book world but it is a huge problem and a devastating one at that. Author abuse can come in many forms. Bad... Continue Reading →

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