I am so twisted!


I want to write a little somethin’ somethin’ for my girl Ace Gray. She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s miss *record skip* super kinky word goddess? Say what? No, but honestly today is the offical release day of her book baby Twisted Death and  I couldn’t be happier about it.

True to their nature Cole, Elle and Horse surprised everyone and dropped a day early, making yesterday their ‘go live’ date. They splashed their black hearts and souls onto Kindles everywhere and I am sure taking everyone on a wild ass ride. “What happens after the world goes dark?” That’s all she teases us with but it was more than enough to make me one click.

Let me hit you with a rewind and explain just why I am so enthralled. I was absolutely unprepared for what Twisted Fate (book 1) did to me. Did I know Ace was going to blow my mind six ways to Sunday? Hell no! Did I know I would fall helplessly in love with damaged beautiful people? Hard no. It has a little bit of everything, mystery, suspense, sex (obviously) and blood. Like super hardcore “wow I didn’t see that coming” kind of knock you up on your head kind of things. But it was pure and absolute MAGIC. When I finished, I wanted -no- I needed  more. I needed her to finish Twisted Death so I could get it in my grabby little hands. When I did? I couldn’t put it down. If it had been life or death I would have probably chosen death…Twisted Death (see what I did there?) *wink*

Rambling and babbling aside I believe with all my heart that these characters are real, they’re raw and they’re magnificent. I’ll leave you with my review for Twisted Death and some things you can clicky clicky on because I fully believe in helpin my fellow book peeps out!


Review: Where can I even begin with Twisted Death? This highly anticipated sequel to Twisted Fate was something I couldn’t wait to get my hands on and read straight through probably without even blinking. The pace was unrelenting, the action, the drama, the stress even was palpable. I didn’t know what to believe, who to trust but one thing I can’t deny is the chemistry between Elle, Cole and even Horse is something for the ages. E-freaking-lectric, in-freaking-sane, need to fan yourself with your hand and then run straight to a confessional kind of chemistry. That’s a huge bonus with Ace, she knows how to rock your literal socks off, but keep the plot moving forward, twisty as it might be. I think if there is one thing to say about Ace Gray’s writing prowess is that she will keep you guessing until the last sentence, then keep you guessing some more.



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