Real Talk – Author Abuse


Just starting to write my thoughts about this topic down makes me a little ragey. It might not be something that everyone knows about, or anyone even thinks about in relation to the book world but it is a huge problem and a devastating one at that.

Author abuse can come in many forms. Bad reviews, and not bad as in “I didn’t like the book” no it is something worse, it is shaming the author and being unnecessarily malicious about it. Why? What’s the point of that? Why go after them personally? After all, it’s just a book right? For whatever reason it happens all the time and it’s gross. Then you have issues like ripping off an author, taking their hard work without asking and distributing it as your own or whatever (that’s super illegal by the way) but it still happens. I am sure there are many other abuses against authors that I don’t even know of (because I try to live in a happy bubble) but it comes down to, sometimes authors are treated really shitty and it isn’t fair. It isn’t fair for your sister, brother, mom, dad, son or daughter or even your third cousin twice removed to be treated like that, so why does that make it right for any author to be treated like that. The reality is, they are someone’s sister or brother, or mom or dad or son or daughter or third cousin twice removed. It is just wrong. I don’t know if people out there on the internet believe because they are successful that they are suddenly not a human, that deserves respect just as much as the next or what, but it is not right.

This morning I saw something that was happening to one of my favorite authors and it was disgusting. I won’t give specific deets out but it was absolutely and 100% uncalled for and borderline evil. We are humans, we make mistakes and we pay for those mistakes in one form or another but going after another human and attacking everything about them when they are just someone who had inspiration and wrote a book? It sounds a little cray cray if you ask me.

Moral of this rant: BE A GOOD PERSON. Why live your life like that? Authors are definitely people, they have families, and jobs and problems and happiness too but at the end of the day they are people and you just shouldn’t treat anyone that way.


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