J.R Rogue – Exits, Desires and Slow Fires


EXITS,-DESIRES,-_-SLOW-FIRES---FB-BANNERI will just say it, I am obsessed with J.R Rogue. There is something so incredible about her writing that just puts me in a trance and takes me places. It’s raw and gritty and it’ll stab you and make you bleed. But it will also heal you and make you whole.


Her latest release Exits, Desires and Slow Fires is absolute magic.

Happy release day boo! Here’s my review:

I don’t know what happens to my brain when I read Rogue’s words but I feel absolutely transported. I feel every sense becoming more accute, and calm all in the same breath. With expert craftsmanship she creates beautiful prose, weaving words into a masterpiece. I think most of this book was read in a trance, one where I couldn’t ignore anything she wrote, where I had to take in every single letter into my soul and feel it living there. I swear I’m not exaggerating. I adore her writing, I adore her style and I adore her.


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