Fave Reads by Month

A monthly update of what I have read, loved and want to share with you!

These include new releases as well as new discoveries!

My new loves for the month of July:

  • *Reading* Shame me Not – Fiona Cole 
  • *TBR* Kiss my Boots – Harper Sloan
  • *TBR*  After All – Karina Halle 

More to come! ❤


Those that captured my heart the month of June:

  • Bad Penny – Staci Hart (FLOVED)
  • Twisted Death – Ace Gray (also FLOVED)
  • Devotion – Alexa Riley
  • The Steam Tycoon – Golden Czermak
  • Ruckus – L.J Shen
  • Red Waves – Shannon O’Connor
  • White Waves – Shannon O’Connor
  • Blue Waves – Shannon O’ Connor 


Those that lit my fire the Month of May:

  • Revelry – Kandi Steiner (technically dropped the end of April but it was AMAZE)
  • Burning Muses – J.R Rogue 
  • Somebody Else’s Sky – Jessica Hawkins 
  • Road to Nowhere – M.Robinson
  • Ends Here – M.Robinson 
  • Consolation – Corinne Michaels
  • Conviction – Corinne Michaels


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